Proud To Be Dementia Friendly

Anthony and I decided when we opened Reddish Foot Clinic to offer dementia suffers and their family's and carers a laid back, friendly, welcoming, caring environment .

Both of my Grandparents have been and are dementia suffers so both of us have personal experience of how difficult day to day life can be let alone making appointments, and attending appointments!

At Reddish Foot Clinic we understand and appreciate that when making an appointment for later that day, the next day or the following week things can change in the blink of an eye. Our existing family members and carers know that we are Dementia friendly and they can call us at Reddish Foot Clinic should a problem arise and together we come up with an alternative solution.

The importance of being Dementia Friendly is not only for the suffers but for the family members and carers as we know how important it is to feel relaxed and know that your loved one is in the best possible place while having their treatment.